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Unfortunately there has been a lack of female songwriters and producers in the industry and I believe it is very important to empower and support them in this ever changing industry.Girls I Rate shines a light and celebrates women working in the industry enabling the next generation to make more informed choices and decisions for their chosen musical paths.

Naughty Boy | Producer & Artist

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“It saddens me to see the blatant gender imbalance within the music industry, particularly in executive positions and music production. The skills and talent are definitely not missing, I believe it’s caused by a lack of confidence and support. I want to be the best example I can be to women and to give them the courage and hopefully the inspiration to blaze bright and kick down all the doors that have been unfairly closed to them over the years.”

Emeli Sandé | Artist & Songwriter

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“Having spent 13 years working in this fast moving and ever changing industry, I am only just beginning to understand the intricacies of how things work myself.I’m sick and tired of seeing artists, particularly young females being taken advantage of. It’s time for things to change, I want to be a part of that. ”

Lily Allen | Artist & Songwriter

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“Carla Marie is one of those rare visionaries, she has created Girls I Rate as a new platform to fill a gap for a rich mix of diverse women in the creative industries. It is also about creating future platforms to empower, mentor and support the next generation of girls and young women coming through the industry. It is a cause close to my heart and a privilege for MOBO to be able to support.”


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“Girls I Rate is a fantastic initiative that we need to be a part of. At a time where the music industry is experiencing growth again, we need more open discussions like #GETHEARD to continue striving for equality and diversity every day. We still have a lot of work to do.”

Darcus Beese | President Island Records

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“I came from a woman & was raised by a woman behind every great man is a great woman I’ve had one behind me now I want them beside me”

Wretch 32 | Music Artist

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“No matter what anyone says, it is still hard for women in most industries. I know!!!I joined the GIR movement for two reasons, I’m here to help the next generation and offer support but also because I still need the support of other women too. Someone that understands”

Liz McClarnon | Music Artist, Television Presenter

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“In a man’s world where women are constantly told they’re not as capable by society its important we keep reminding women that they are so we can disprove that”

Ray BLK | Music Artist

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“I wanna make it look so easy, other women feel more encouraged to do what I do”

Ms Banks | Music Artist

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“when they tell you no tell them yes. Perseverance is a must in this game. Never give up”

VV Brown | Songwriter, Model & Record Producer

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“Having transitioned from model to business woman I know the challenges that can be faced and the importance of sharing experience and knowledge with other like minded women. I started my company with nothing but vision, passion and relentless determination to succeed and hope to inspire others to do the same.”

Caprice Bourett | Business Entrepeneur

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“We need to re-address the balance of male to females in the music industry and help solve the problem.”

Alec Boateng | A&R Director- Atlantic Records

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“I’ll never be enough for this crazy world but I will always be enough for myself.”

The Slumflower (Chidera) | Blogger & Presenter

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“Girls I Rate is an exciting and much-needed initiative, and I am proud that PRS for Music will be hosting the #GetHeard weekender. So many young women can be put off entering what often feels like a male-dominated industry, so it’s invaluable to have organisations such as Girls I Rate to break down stereotypes and really support and champion new talent”

Karen Buse | Executive Director of Membership and International

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“I’m loving the Girls I rate movement & very happy to be a part of it. The #GETHEARD event was also a great success! It’s good seeing the empowerment of the females in the industry…”

Manny Norte | DJ, presenter and music producer

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“Girls I rate is an exciting new movement which is inspiring the next generation of women to collaborate, put themselves forward and push for change within the creative industries. I’m proud to be a Girls I Rate advocate because equality benefits everyone and for the moment we still need networks, campaigns and initiatives like this to raise awareness and give talented women the confidence and inspiration to aim as high as they can and break through the glass ceiling.”

Vanessa Reed | Chief Executive PRS Foundation

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“I used to hear ‘she’s a good DJ for a girl’ all the time from male promotors & DJ’s, but after a lot of hard work, practice & dedication I now simply hear ‘she’s a good DJ’

DJ Melody Kane

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